[Buy Now!] The Sacred Scarred

The Sacred Scarred

Book #1 of The Beautiful Broken Collection

A modern-day Christian retelling of Beauty & the Beast. 


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Book Summary

“Beauty can indeed come from ashes.” 

Calysta Daniels met Brendan Keefe at a time when she was embracing the true meaning of beauty and he was becoming the embodiment of a beast. Several years later, their paths crossed once again, and she agreed to a strange request to save her father from imprisonment: to live under the beast’s roof for four years.

It didn’t take long for him to realize that there was something about her that a part of him hated – something sacred threatening to expose all his scars. Scarred as they both were, she was holding on to a truth that kept her sacred, while he was holding on to a past that kept him scarred. Thus, the battle of wills raged within the beauty and the beast over what price had to be paid to make a person truly beautiful.


Also, I had a lot of help making this a reality, so I’d just like to acknowledge the following people for their precious feedback:

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  • my childhood best friend, Nhof
  • Doris Lim
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  • Anna E. Meyer [Website]
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